Herbario Virtual del Mediterráneo Occidental

Àrea de Botànica, Departament de Biologia, Universitat de les Illes Balears

Hyoseris scabra L.


Genus : Hyoseris

    Province distribution : Alicante. Balearic Islands. Castellón. Gerona. Tarragona. Valencia.

    Distribution in the islands : Cabrera. Formentera. Ibiza. Mallorca. Minorca.

    General distribution : South Mediterranean

    Flowering time : March. April. May.

    Life-forms : Terophyte.

    Habitat : Therophytics communities.

    IUCN Category : Poco preocupante

    Characteristics : An annual herb with the leaves joined together forming a basal rosette; they are elongated leaves but greatly divided into triangular lobules, one of which is terminal. The capitula grow on a peduncle which normally lies along the ground, is rigid and slightly longer than the leaves, typically it is inflated just below the capitulum. It can be distinguished from Hyoseris radiata in that this has much larger leaves, the peduncles are generally erect, and are not inflated below the capitulum.

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