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Àrea de Botànica, Departament de Biologia, Universitat de les Illes Balears

Dryopteris pallida (Bory) C. Chr. subsp. balearica (Litard.) Fraser-Jenkins


Genus : Dryopteris

    Synonyms : Dryopteris villarii (Bellardi) Woyn. subsp. balearica Malag.

    Catalan common name : Falguera.

    Province distribution : Balearic Islands.

    Distribution in the islands : Mallorca.

    General distribution : Mediterranean (Balearic)

    Endemisms : Balearic Islands

    Flowering time : June. July. August. September.

    Life-forms : Hemicryptophyte.

    Habitat : Caves and rock creviceses.

    IUCN Category : Poco preocupante

    Characteristics : A fern that lives in shady rock crevases of the Serra de Tramuntana. Leaves are markedly triangular, no very large (around 30 cm) and twice divided. The sorii are covered by an umbrella-like structure, the indusium.

    Status : Endèmica.

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