Herbario Virtual del Mediterráneo Occidental

Àrea de Botànica, Departament de Biologia, Universitat de les Illes Balears

Neottia nidus-avis (L.) L.C.M.Richard


Genus : Neottia

    Spanish common name : Nido de pájaro.

    Province distribution : Balearic Islands. Barcelona. Castellón. Gerona. Lérida. Tarragona.

    General distribution : Eurosiberian

    Flowering time : May. June. July.

    Life-forms : Geophyte.

    Habitat : Holm oak forest.

    Plants protected by law : Balearic Catalogue.

    Characteristics : A saprophytic and rhizomatous orchid, entire brown in colour. The stems can reach 52 cm. in length, is covered by a spike-shaped inflorescence of scented flowers. The floral labellum finishes in two divergent lobes.

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