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Àrea de Botànica, Departament de Biologia, Universitat de les Illes Balears

Dianthus rupicola Biv. subsp. bocchoriana L. Llorens & Gradaille


Genus : Dianthus

    Catalan common name : Clavell.

    Province distribution : Balearic Islands.

    Distribution in the islands : Mallorca.

    General distribution : Mediterranean (Balearic)

    Endemisms : Balearic Islands

    Flowering time : June. July. August. September. October.

    Life-forms : Chameophyte.

    Habitat : Rock creviceses and cliff faces.

    Uses and properties : Symbolic uses.

    Plants protected by law : Balearic Catalogue. Bern Convention. Habitat Directive.

    IUCN Category : Vulnerable

    Characteristics : This is the only carnation living in the Balearic Islands; it is a small shrub which lives in the cracks in a small area of the Cap de Formentor. It has lanceolate leaves, which are quite consistent to the touch and whitish green. The flowers are pinkish and have a dentate margin. The inflorescence has an umbel shape where ther may be many flowers which keep opening in a sequence. The calyx, as in all the Dianthus, is made up of two parts: calyx and calycle. It flowers in summer until autumn.

    Status : Endèmica.

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