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Àrea de Botànica, Departament de Biologia, Universitat de les Illes Balears

Limodorum abortivum (L.) Swartz


Genus : Limodorum

    Catalan common name : Clavell.

    Province distribution : Alicante. Balearic Islands. Barcelona. Castellón. Gerona. Lérida. Tarragona. Valencia.

    Distribution in the islands : Ibiza. Mallorca. Minorca.

    General distribution : Some regions

    Flowering time : April. May. June.

    Life-forms : Geophyte.

    Habitat : Holm oak forest and shady garriques.

    IUCN Category : Poco preocupante

    Characteristics : Limodorum abortivum is a saprobic orchid, that is to say that it lives on decomposing organic matter; for this reason the plant has violet colourations with no chlorophyll (no green colour). Only the inflorescence can be observed above the ground level, as the rest of the plant is subterranean. In the spring, when it flowers, a fairly robust stem emerges, which is covered with enclosing bracts; from the superior part of this stem emerge violet coloured flowers, and a spur more than a centimetre in length. This character allows it to be distinguished from Limodorum trabutianum, which has flowers with a very short spur. Lives in pine forests and encinals. Flowers from May to June.

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