Cotula coronopifolia L.


Genus: Cotula

Catalan common name: Cotula.

Spanish common name: Cotula.

Province distribution: Alacant. Balearic Islands. València.

Distribution in the islands: Mallorca.

IUCN Category: LCLeast concern

Flowering time: JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec

Life-forms: Terophyte.

Habitats: Litoral marshes and riparian. Humid soils.

Characteristics: A herb lying on the ground, it forms roots in different parts of the stems. The stems can be squashed when pressed between your fingers. The leaves are whole, shiny and long. The capitula are found on long leaf-stalks; these capitula are yellow and all the flowers are tubular. This species is originally from South Africa, and has become naturalized in the Balearics (S?Albufera: Wetland of Muro). It lives along the sides of ponds and canals in places with very moist soils. It flowers in summer.