Cuscuta epithymum (L.) L.


Genus: Cuscuta

Catalan common name: Barbes de caputxí. Cabells. Cabells de farigola. Cabells de tomaní.

Spanish common name: Cabellos de Nuestro Señor.

Province distribution: Alacant. Balearic Islands. Barcelona. Castelló. Girona. Lleida. Tarragona. València.

Distribution in the islands: Mallorca. Menorca. Ibiza. Formentera. Cabrera.

General distribution (Phytogeography): Mediterranean

IUCN Category: LCLeast concern

Flowering time: JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec

Life-forms: Terophyte.

Habitats: Xero-acanthic shrubs of the mountanous regions, and steppe-grasslands of Ampelodesmos mauritanica. Cultivated fields, path and road sides, disturbed zones. Rocky coastlines. Pine wood and shrubland with rosemary and thyme garigue. Parasite plants of Hypericum balearicum, Astragalus balearicus, Teucrium sp Thymus sp etc.

Characteristics: This is a plant which is a parasite of other plants, which is why it is not green (it does not need chlorophyll). Like all dodders it forms a network of red or yellow filaments. The whitish flowers form glomerules.