Howea forsteriana (C. Moore & F. J. Muell) Becc.

Family: PALMAE

Genus: Howea

Catalan common name: Celebérrima quència. Quèntia.

Spanish common name: Kentia.

General distribution (Phytogeography): Australiana

Life-forms: Macrophanerophyte.

Habitats: Garden plants. Gardens.

Description: A monoecious palm tree; it has one single trunk which can reach up to 10m in height and up to 14-15cm in width. The trunk is cylindrical, and does not widen at the base; it is green at first and has rings. The leaves are pinnate, erect, dark green and have horizontal leaflets which hang down only at the end. The inflorescence is branched and hangs down under the leaves. The fruits are brown and ovoid. It can be distinguished at first sight from Howea belmoreana by its leaflets, which are not erect, but v-shaped. The fruits are slightly larger than in Howea belmoreana.

Observations: It prefers to live in semi shade, but also prospers in the sun.