Dianthus hyssopifolius L.


Genus: Dianthus

Catalan common name: Clavell blanc. Clavell de pastor.

Spanish common name: Clavelinas deshilachadas.

Province distribution: Barcelona. Girona. Lleida. Tarragona.

General distribution (Phytogeography): Boreo- alpine (Arctic-alpine)

Uses and properties: Medicinal.

Flowering time: JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec

Life-forms: Chameophyte.

Habitats: Rock crevices and cliff faces. Meso-xerophyll mountain fields. Mesophyll mountainous grasslands.

Characteristics: Mesophilic pastures, boxshrubland, forest clearings and borders, rock outcrops, etc. Indifferent to soil type. A perennial herb with linear-lanceolate leaves, these without marginal nerves and thickened, acute and glabrous. The flowers are separate or disposed in lax cymes. The 4 calycle bracts are as long as the calyx or more, and are bound into an elongate tip. The petal lamina is deeply divided in linear lancinations.