Cedrus deodara (D. Don) G. Don


Genus: Cedrus

Catalan common name: Cedre de l´Himalaia.

Spanish common name: Cedro del Himalaya.

General distribution (Phytogeography): South America

Life-forms: Macrophanerophyte.

Habitats: Garden plants. Gardens.

Description: A pyramidal tree that can grow over 60m high; it has hanging branches. It has long, narrow acicula, 50mm or more in length, which are silvery green in colour.It can be distinguished from Cedrus atlantica by the young hanging branches, longer acicula, 20-50mm, and pine cones which are rounded at the tip and are frequently ovoid in shape.It has excellent wood, very long-lasting, which gives off a pleasant smell. It is used in building.

Observations: The wood is widely used for building.