Coronopus squamatus (Forssk.) Asch.


Genus: Coronopus

Catalan common name: Banya de cervo. Cervellina. Cervina. Herba de sang.

Spanish common name: Mastuerzo verrugoso o silvestre.

Province distribution: Alacant. Balearic Islands. Barcelona. Castelló. Girona. Tarragona. València.

Distribution in the islands: Mallorca. Menorca. Ibiza. Formentera.

General distribution (Phytogeography): Cosmopolitan and subcosmopolitan

IUCN Category: LCLeast concern

Flowering time: JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec

Life-forms: Terophyte.

Habitats: Beaches and dunes, sandy soils. Cultivated fields, path and road sides, disturbed zones. Sandy soils near the sea.

Characteristics: A small Cruciferae which usually colonises trodden spaces, it can sometimes be found between paving stones in roads.